A7 Defense & Aerospace

(A7 D&A) is a division of Angel 7 Industries, LLC. and specializes in personal protection equipment, products and solutions for military, law enforcement, federal, state, and tactical markets. A7 D&A designs and manufactures products and solutions that provide better protection and or assist in enhancing performance for the most challenging conditions and environments. All products manufactured by A7 D&A  are superbly engineered and are constructed of only the best materials available, and every product is fully tested to ensure that it performs exactly how we say it does. A7 D&A was founded by a veteran who served in two services with three goals in mind:

1. Design and manufacture gear that better performs and better protects.

2. Design and manufacture gear that is durable and that lasts.

3. Design and manufacture gear that is good looking, comfortable and that people would want to wear and use.

Cage Code: 60JD4