i-RMR™ is a next-generation lens technology that dramatically increases the ballistic capabilities of eye wear and eye protection systems without compromising lens thickness, optical clarity, and without increasing weight. Highly versatile and durable, I-RMR™ allows for multiple lens features to be incorporated into one lens that is optimized for use in harsh and punishing conditions.

The Highest Ballistic Performance in the Industry

Test results showed that the new lens technology achieved a V50 of almost 950 feet per second! i-RMR™ lens technology has achieved these remarkable results without increasing lens thickness or weight and while maintaining perfect optical clarity.
i-RMR™ lens technology has met and exceeded performance requirements when tested in accordance with ANSI Z87.1-2010, EN166 and U.S. military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles (MILPRF-32432, clause, superseding former MIL-PRF-31013, clause and goggles (MILPRF-32432, clause, superseding former MIL-DTL-43511D, clause 3.5.10).

The Most Versatile Eye Protection

A7 eye protection is available in two enhanced ballistic models — i-RMR™ and i-RMR™ /Ghost Shield™ Photochromic. Both can be combined with other lens technologies into a single product.
i-RMR™ lenses also incorporate highly effective anti-fog, anti-scratch and hydrophobic layers that provide fog free vision and unmatched durability against sand, chemicals, fuels, and saltwater.

Ghost Shield ™

State-of-the-art photochromic technology

Ghost Shield™ enables eye wear and eye protection systems to automatically and rapidly adjust to any lighting condition much faster than any other photochromic technology on the market.

High Definition photochromic technology

Ghost Shield HD™ lenses enable wearers to see clearer by blocking blue light while the lens simultaneously and automatically adjusts the lens tint for even clearer sight with less eye strain.

Gila Skin ™


Super tough and abrasion resistant material used on A7’s Kinetix™ and HDX™ gloves. Gila Skin is a textured, chemical resistant material with exceptional gripping capabilities and is ideal for harsh, abrasive environments


Comfort with Function

Hard yet flexible armor solution used on A7’s HDX™ and HDX FR™ gloves. BIO-FLEX™ armor provides protection against blunt impacts but is flexible enough to not cause discomfort.

Spider M.N. ™

Ultimate Grip

Proprietary silicone webbing used on A7’s GUNFIGHTER™ and VENOM™ gloves that provides a superior grip even when wet. The webbing is designed so that water flows into the channels of the webbing allowing the material to maintain friction at all times. Spider M.N.™ is abrasion and chemical resistant.

Eye Pro


A7’s eye protection systems were designed and engineered for extreme tactical environments with special emphasis on lens technology that provides unmatched protection and unparalleled clarity in even the harshest of conditions. A7’s ballistic lenses are made from A7’s proprietary i-RMR(tm) (pronounced eye armor) lens technology and offer a ballistic lens that significantly exceeds Milspec requirements. A7’s lens options also include Ghost Shield(tm) photochromic technology that allow lenses to automatically lighten or darken depending on the intensity of the sunlight, and Ghost Shield HD (High Definition) photochromic lens technology that offers super clear vision that also automatically adapts to light. A7 also offers polarized lenses that are not only compatible with LCD screens, but also are Z87+.

All of A7’s eye protection systems frames are made from next-generation TR-90 which means that they are lightweight, durable, and virtually unbreakable, and each system was engineered with arms that do not cause pain or pressure points and are compatible with hearing protection.


Designed to perform

A7’s tactical gloves are made from the highest quality materials available and are engineered to be comfortable and durable with extremely high dexterity.  These gloves were engineered for a tactical environment and help maintain positive control even in wet conditions. All of A7’s tactical gloves have highly sensitive touch-screen capability on three fingers.